Woot! It’s a Book Sale!

I’m a die-hard traditionalist when it comes to Christmas.

That means I observe the house rule of no Christmas decorations, movies or books before Thanksgiving. (Take that, Hallmark Channel!)

But once I wake up on Friday, November 23, I plan to dive whole-heartedly into decorating, baking, and shopping for Christmas.

I’ll also start watching movies and reading books with Christmas-themed plots; and this year,  I’m especially excited about that, because there’s . . .

A Big Book Sale Beginning Friday, November 23!

I’ve joined with a group of wonderful Indie authors to bring you a great selection of print and e-books at Black Friday prices that can’t be beat!

All books are free or just 99 cents!

Pick your favorite genre… mystery, romance, SciFi, or fantasy, or try them all. At these prices, you can’t go wrong!

Please join me on Friday! www.PerryKirkpatrick.com/sale

3 thoughts on “Woot! It’s a Book Sale!

  1. I can’t wait till the sale!!!! (Your book is the top of my list to get.)

    We don’t listen to Christmas music (unless we have to practice music for church), decorate, or anything usually until right after Thanksgiving either. 🙂 But, since I had 47 Christmas books I want to read this year, and some I had to read early so I could get reviews written, I started some Christmas stories at the end of last week. But most of them are only half Christmas. 🙂 But come this weekend, Christmas will be coming in full force!


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