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Roseanna White Cover Design 2015 09-21_Ask Me Again_02Minda McAllister’s life has plenty of challenges. She has her hands full raising a teenage daughter and struggling to pay her bills. She also takes care of the tenants who live in her apartment building, and she has responsibilities at church. But when Minda’s daughter brings a handsome man home to meet her, Minda’s life gets a little more complicated. Mark Cartier has wealth, charm, and movie-star good looks. So what on earth is this thirty-something man doing with her daughter? It’s a question Minda is determined to get answered.

Years ago Mark Cartier left his Christian upbringing behind him to achieve success in business. So he’s not surprised when his employer—a New York real estate developer—selects him to go to Colorado with one goal: Succeed where others failed and convince Minda to sell her downtown apartment building. Mark’s willing to do just about anything to get the lonely widow to sign on the dotted line; but when he finally meets her face to face, she’s not what he expected. She’s kind, pretty, and . . . irresistible. Before he can stop himself, he’s drawn into Minda’s world, going to church, helping the elderly, and playing in a charity baseball game.

Mark’s having a hard time keeping his mind off Minda and on his assignment. But even as he tries to convince Minda to sell her beloved building, Mark finds himself learning a thing or two about the power of faith . . . and a whole love about love!

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