More Interesting Names

An update on my family tree research. I came across some interesting names of brides in the county marriage records dating back to about 1810. Among the countless Hannahs, Rachels, and Elizabeths were these gems:

Experience Read
Tamzen Smyllie
Catherine Heritage
Atlantic Chambers
Submittee Saul
Experience Richman
Hester Heritage
Temperance Counsellor
Melissant Holladay

These names put my imagination into overdrive, just thinking about what kind of personality and background each bride might have had. So far I haven’t come across equally interesting names in my family. We were very vanilla; our brides were among the Hannah, Rachel, and Elizabeth variety. Oh, how I wish I had a Submittee somewhere in my family tree just to put a little pepper in the gene pool!

A Name to Live Up To

I stole a few hours this morning to do some research on my family tree before I went to work. I found these names in marriage records from the 1800s:

Patience Omen
Recompense Stansbury
Samuel Snailbaker
Comfort Star
Temperance Toppy

What great names! Can’t you imagine them as characters in a Wanda E. Brunstetter novel?

I have to say I’m glad my parents didn’t name me Patience; I could never have stood up to the pressure!

Searching My Roots

illustration-0429-2013-hbo-family-treeI love puzzles of all kinds. Sudoku, crossword, jigsaw — you name the puzzle and I’ll work it. My new favorite puzzle challenge is ancestor hunting.

A few months ago I started researching my family tree on the paternal side of my family where we really don’t have any info about where we came from or how we got here. I have to confess, I’ve even wondered sometimes if our last name was real or adopted in the 1940s as a tribute of some kind to a certain “God Bless America” composer. Using and, I’ve already learned so much about my family — a piece here and a little nugget of info there. I’m excited to uncover even more puzzle pieces in the next few months.

How about you? Do you know the story of your family’s history in America? Have you ever wondered where your family lived before they journeyed to this country?