My Facebook Fiasco

It’s no secret that I’m not technologically savvy.

Websites stump me.

Constantly changing social media platforms are my nemesis.

And I cannot download apps to my phone because my current phone is so old it won’t accept software updates anymore. Despite that, I refuse to replace it because it works just fine for my needs, thank you very much.

It always seems that I struggle when it comes to any device or software, especially the ones that promise to be “user intuitive.”

And that brings me to the topic of my latest struggle with Facebook.

For the last nine years I’ve had a Jenny Berlin Author page on Facebook. I haven’t always posted faithfully, but I’ve certainly done plenty of posts since the page first went live in 2013.

But a couple of months ago I began to receive notices from FB that they were going to delete my Jenny Berlin Author page because it was grey.

I admit I have a touch of grey hair at the temples, but I don’t think my account needs to be deleted because of it. (A little joke. Not a good one, but a little one.) I like my FB page; I want to keep it just as it is.

But I quickly learned you can’t argue with Facebook. There’s no way to protest their decision. And even when I followed the links on their messages to try to remedy the situation, either the links didn’t work or the pop-up screen told me to click on links that didn’t exist.

So I’m stuck.

That means that as of August 31 Facebook will delete my Jenny Berlin Author page, whether I like it or not.

So I took matters into my own hands and resurrected an old Facebook account I set up years ago and rarely used. It’s a personal profile account that I never did much with because I was so busy with other things.

But as of today, that old Facebook profile is alive and well and ready to go! You can find it by clicking here:

If you’re on Facebook, I hope you’ll stop by to say hello!